Policies, procedures, and systems are all important components of an organisation's infrastructure. They help to ensure that the organisation operates smoothly and efficiently, and that employees are aware of their responsibilities and how to do their jobs effectively.

  • BPS reviews existing HR Policy documents and suggest changes/ improvements
  • BPS may also need toprepare HR Policy and Procedure documents that will cover document security, collaborative policy updates, methods to publish content to the community and the optimal procedure to distribute policy documents to employees
  • We train employees in the efficient use of HR packages and systems

The core objective of this activity is to ensure that at an organisational level, all human resources adhere to a minimum common set of standards that are aligned to the corporate objectives and standards

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Basiz People Services has been in the forefront of attending to all talent acquisition needs, human resources strategy and training needs of all the companies coming under the Ops Global, Singapore banner and other companies.

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