Basiz People Services offers a full package of services in the talent acquisition space.

  • Our key differentiators are quick reaction time and assistance in carrying out a preliminary check on the candidate.
  • Our process commences from first with a preliminary meeting with a client by which we are able to gauge the key negative and positive attributes that the client looks for in a candidate.
  • Basiz People Services at times leverages its domestic and international network to identify the right subject matter experts to assist in candidate evaluation

BPS has 5000 plus Database in BFSI Sector .The candidate fitment score card wherein the scores of the candidate are available to the interviewing committee at Basiz People Services.

  • BPS helps to write job descriptions for all levels as described in the organogram agreed upon
  • BPS helps the client in planning the recruitment strategy in terms of advertising, database usage, identifying second innings candidates and referral strategy

The process followed ensures that the candidates with the highest fitment are interviewed first and the others are identified as reserve candidates.

Introducing Our Services

Basiz People Services has been in the forefront of attending to all talent acquisition needs, human resources strategy and training needs of all the companies coming under the Ops Global, Singapore banner and other companies.

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